Introducing The WILD Vertical Honours Board

Introducing The WILD Vertical Honours Board

While out climbing one of our local peaks recently, my wife Sally and I (OK, Sally!) came up with a cool idea that we are calling The WILD Vertical Honours Board.

This is a way of recognising the achievements of those who come to take part in The WILD over the coming years. We know some will come once, tick it off and say “enough is enough thanks” but we also know that some will be hooked and want to come back year after year - perhaps to experience a different course each time or perhaps to improve their time on the same course. It is these ‘repeat offenders’ who we are primarily setting up the Honours Board for. Here’s how it will work:

 Each year, those that finish one of our epic courses will be awarded Vertical Points on the following basis (essentially one point per vertical metre climbed):

  - Finish Beast of Beetham to score 550 Vertical Points

   - Finish Beast of Brow for 1,050 Vertical Points

   - Finish The V1600 for 1,600 Vertical Points

   - Finish The V3000 for 3,000 Vertical Points

   - Finish The V5000 for 5,000 Vertical Points

Future courses will also be incorporated over time e.g. the 100 mile option, that we hope to introduce in2024, would earn a whopping 11,000 Vertical Points.

DNF’ers may still be awarded points, depending on where they pull out of their run.

Over time these Vertical Points will accumulate and people will be able to see where on the Honours Board they sit relative to others.

Certificates will be awarded as and when people achieve certain milestones e.g. their Points tally equates to having climbed the height of Everest (8,848m) during The WILD.

People will not have to enter the inaugural 2023 event to subsequently be recognised on the Honours Board BUT only those that do take part in this year’s event – our WILD Pioneers – will be eligible for the annual prize draw.

This draw will give WILD Pioneers the chance to win some cool sponsor-provided gear and free entries to the following year’s event. Each Vertical Point that a WILD Pioneer has at the time of the draw gives them one chance, so the more Vertical Points they have, the better their chances of winning are.

If you’re up for a bit of vertical fun – and maybe a cool prize – then become a WILD Pioneer by entering this year’s inaugural event. We’ll see you and your finely chiselled legs in Arrowtown in December!

Cheers all,

Mal Law, Event Director.

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