For diehard mountain ultra runners


For diehard mountain ultra runners

Elevation gain
Elevation loss
Single track
4WD/farm track

A true backcountry experience

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Before you enter

Owing to the demanding nature this course all entrants must pre-qualify by earning a Warrant of Wildness

What to expect

The WILD V5000 is for experienced mountain runners and adventurers looking for an epic but achievable challenge; a mountain journey to savour for a lifetime. It is a significant undertaking that you need to be properly prepared for: this is not an event for people who are inexperienced in the mountains, no matter how much trail time they have under their belts. It is no ‘walk in the park’ even though most will end up walking significant chunks of it! But warnings aside, the V5000 offers a spectacular route through incredible terrain and an epic adventure to remember.

Aid Stations

Food, water and Tailwind will be available at the following points:

You're on your own for this one!

  • Heidi's Hut, Coronet Peak, 18 km
  • Skippers Road, 39.5 km (Drop Bag available)
  • Vanguard Turk, 53 km
  • Eight Mile Hut, 69 km

Key Info

Time to complete the course: 24 hours

Expected fastest time: 12 hours

No pacers allowed.

There will be cut-offs operating at the following points (NB times given are the times by which runners will need to LEAVE these points):

  • 9 hours (3.00pm) cut-off at 39 km (Skippers Rd Aid Station)*
  • 10.5 hours (4.30pm) cut-off at 46 km (Deep Creek)**
  • 22 hours cut-off (4.00am Sunday) at 77 km (New Chums turn-off)**

* Runners who are cut off at Skippers Rd. will be removed from the course and recorded as a DNF.

** Runners who are cut off at one of these points will be re-directed on shorter routes directly to the finish line in Arrowtown and will be recorded as a DNF.

Minimum age: 18 years on race day

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