How to train for The WILD

Training Tips

Terrain:  A breakdown of the type of trail you can expect is given for all five courses on our website and provides a useful guide as to the type of training terrain you should be seeking out.
Note that all courses include sections of off-track/cross-country travel, where at best there might be a sketchy animal track to follow. We encourage you to seek out similar areas where you can practice your off-track running/hiking skills.
All five courses are insanely hilly! There are monster climbs and massive amounts of vert. So it goes without saying that you should spend heaps of time working on both your climbing and descending fitness.

Top Tip: We’ll be offering plenty more tips in the lead-up to the event but here’s our #1 tip – train with a full pack that includes all the mandatory gear and a full load of water! Even consider adding some extra weight to help build strength. The kit you are required to carry on race day is likely to be heavier than you are used to carrying on other events, so get used to that now! It also provides a great opportunity to test your clothing/gear, so don’t leave it at home to save weight! 

Training in New Zealand: For those coming from overseas, sorry but the above is about as much guidance as we can give you. But for those living in New Zealand (and those who have the opportunity to visit beforehand) here’s some additional suggestions:
Look for mountains! There is no substitute for training in the mountains and building fitness/strength on sustained long ascents and descents. In the North Island the best areas to head for would include Tongariro, the Kaimanawa and Kaweka Ranges, Taranaki/MtEgmont, the Ruahines and the Tararuas. South Islanders are spoilt for choice –there are mountains everywhere and not too far for any Mainlander to travel to! 

Get help with your training:
We have teamed up with two great sources of coaching and training inspiration:
- Anna Frost, acclaimed Kiwi mountain runner and 2 x winner of the legendary Hardrock100 race in Colorado is offering entrants to The WILD a special offer of one-on-one coaching for just NZ$225 per month (instead of her usual US$225 a month - a big saving!) Find out more here.
- Team CP have put together 13-week training programmes for all 5 of our courses. These cost from just NZ$30 to NZ$45, come with heaps of tips, and represent great value for money. They are available as PDF files and can be bought directly from our online shop.

The Wild Things Trail Directory
Our good mates over at Wild Things have collected the best mountain and trail runs in the country.

Better still, they've grouped them into perfect training runs for each of The WILD events. There's no excuse not to get out there and enjoy our beautiful trails!

Click the 'view trails' button next to your event below to be taken to the Wild Things site.