For all adventurous trail runners


For all adventurous trail runners

Elevation gain
Elevation loss
Single track
4WD/farm track

This one has it all!

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Before you enter

Owing to the demanding nature this course all entrants must pre-qualify by earning a Warrant of Wildness

What to expect

This is a real doozy of a course – km for km it has to be one of the most beautiful and rewarding trail races on the planet. It’s very much a run of two halves: a tough, mostly uphill first 18km followed by a more cruisy, mostly downhill run in to Arrowtown. It’s like a potted version of its bigger siblings, exposing runners to a wide array of terrain: everything from mellow beech forest trail to rugged, exposed ridge running. But what it doesn’t share with its bigger siblings is some primo single track trail that will have the ultra-crazies turning green with envy!

Aid Stations

Food, water and Tailwind will be available at the following points:

You're on your own for this one!

There's just the one aid station at Heidi's Hut, Coronet Peak, 18k in.

Key Info

Start: 8.30am Saturday, Butlers Green.

Time to complete the course: 10 hours

Course Record, Men: 3hrs 2 mins (Paulius Auryla)

Course Record, Women: 3hrs 24 mins (Nancy Jiang)

Median Time 2023, Men: 4hrs 49 mins

Median Time 2023, Women: 5hrs 43 mins

​No pacers allowed and no drop bags.

There is a 7-hour (3.30pm) cutoff at 18k (Heidi's Hut). Any runners who miss this cut-off will be removed from the course.

Minimum age: 18 years on race day

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